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The Benefits of Epoxy Coating for your Garage Floor

Whether you intend to transform your Raleigh garage into a showroom or you just want to revamp its look, you need the right kind of flooring. One that is safe, aesthetically appealing, hygienic, easy to clean, durable and can withstand heavy traffic. If you are looking for such a floor, then it’s high time you switch from the conventional flooring options and embrace the highly efficient epoxy coating.

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Contrary to popular misconception, epoxy flooring layer is not your ordinary paint. Rather, it is a thermosetting resin, formed by mixing epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener. When these two ingredients mix, an exothermic chemical curing reaction takes place. It is this process that gives the epoxy its stunning thick finish.
Besides the alluring look, there are many benefits of having an epoxy flooring. They include:

Easy Installation and Maintenance

One of the advantages of an epoxy coat is that it is relatively easy to install. In fact, depending on the size of your garage, it is possible for you to set up the poly aspartic or polyurea epoxy floors in just under a day, and it will be ideal for use. It contrasts other flooring solutions like tiles, hardwood, and laminate floors which take time to install. Moreover, unlike these other flooring options, which require regular stripping, waxing or buffing, the epoxy creates a seamless finish, which demands very minimal maintenance. All you need to do is wipe the floor to keep your garage looking lush and welcoming.

Cost-effective Flooring Solution

Installing the epoxy flooring solutions in your Raleigh home’s garage is cost efficient. For starters, their price is pocket-friendly. You can get a high-quality single epoxy coat sufficient for covering a standard two-car garage for not more than $400. The prices, nevertheless, vary depending on the brand, and retailer. Secondly, applying the coating is not all that complex. If you are resolute and have the right skills and tools, you can install the epoxy flooring on your own. But, for the perfect look, it is best to let a qualified epoxy flooring technician handle the installation for you. Lastly, since the floor is durable and easy to maintain, it significantly reduces your repairs and maintenance costs.

High-Performance Floor

What makes the epoxy flooring durable is its uncanny ability to withstand weights of different kinds. These include heavy foot traffic, tool boxes, and cars. Furthermore, epoxy floors have unique formulations that make them the ideal topical sealers. Hence, not only are they moisture tolerant, but also resistant to caustic chemicals, scratches, and stains. Accordingly, you could roll a heavy loaded toolbox across your epoxy floor, and the floor will remain just fine. Such superior performance dims the attractiveness of other options like tiles, hardwood or concrete flooring, which will chip, break or develop scratches over time.

Enhances Safety

Garage floors tend to have many objects that can quickly transform into safety hazards. These range from oil spills to sharp and cumbersome objects. For this reason, you need a floor that entirely mitigates such risks. That is precisely what epoxy floors offer. For starters, the coating creates an even surface which is resistant to slips, trips, and inconsistencies. Which means, it will not be easy for a person to trip and fall while walking on it. Secondly, cleaning the floor is quite comfortable. Hence you can wipe off any grease, oil or liquids that are likely to cause slips. Besides, if you prefer, you can further make the floor non-skid, by adding slip resistant compounds.

Eases Physical Strain

While working in your home garage, high chances are you will spend most of your time on your feet. This will naturally subject you to physical weariness. Epoxy flooring has ergonomic qualities which help to absorb footfall shocks, while at the same time supporting free body movement. Consequently, you can work in your garage for extended periods of time without feeling strained. However, if your Raleigh home garage has tile or laminate flooring, you would persistently experience muscle fatigue or sore feet.

Enhances the Garage’s Aesthetic Appeal

Gone are the days when the home garage was a dirty, used, oil smelling room. These days, the garage forms a significant part of the home. In fact, many prospective renters and buyers assess a property based on how the garage looks. Besides, even if you are not interested in renting out your property or selling it, it still makes sense to keep it beautiful. After all, you will be spending considerable amounts of time in your home. Epoxy floor coatings come in multiple colors, which you can use to revamp your floor, and even customize the different blends to suit your preference.

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