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Beazer Homes Raleigh Showroom Silver and Pearl Metallic Floor Masterpiece


Beazer Homes Raleigh Showroom

Our friends at Beazer Homes requested a very unique floor for their new showroom In Raleigh.  As you can see, the floor was in very poor condition with significant amounts of glue, and the slab had been damaged where walls had been removed. Our first step was to remove all that glue and repair all of the cracks and holes. We then installed a beautiful silver and pearl metallic floor like no other; a true masterpiece!  This floor will certainly be the highlight of the room, and we hope all those who walk on it enjoy its character.

We have many colors to choose from and will work with you to create a unique floor that fits your needs!

  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0031-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0032-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0033-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0034-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0035-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0037-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0038-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0041-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0044-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0045-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0046-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0047-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0050-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0051-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0052-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0053-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000
  • Beazer-Homes-Showroom-Raleigh-0056-silver-pearl-metallic-floor-1000

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